Tips for Removing Scratches on Aluminum Wheels

The wheels of a car are the parts most susceptible to receive blows. Curbs when parking, potholes and speed bumps can scratch our aluminum wheels.

If we let it pass, we run the risk of rusting which can become dangerous. Therefore, fixing it as quickly as possible is very important to you.

Follow our easy tips to repair scratches on your aluminum rims.

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How to repair rubbed aluminum rims

The first thing you should do is assess the scratch. If it was just that, no problem, but if you lift the edge of the rim, you can’t leave it that way, as it’s dangerous, and you should take it to a place where they can straighten it.

Then you can worry about the aesthetic scratch on the rims of your car.

When they are superficial scratches not much work needs to be done, therefore a metal polishing product is enough to remove the scratches from the rim.< /p>

Recommendation for very deep scratches
But if the scratches are very deep you will have to think about other techniques to be carried out in order to remove them effectively. Like the ones we explain just below.
Remove scratches car aluminum rims

The best technique to remove scratches on aluminum rims on the car

This is the simplest technique since it is specifically used for superficial scratches on the rims, the kind that you have to look closely to see.

3 steps to repair minor scratches on your rims

  1. First, you should have some liquid soap, any is good, even dishwashing soap, and hot water. Mix you are going to submerge it with a sponge. You will begin to rub the tire to remove all dirt. In addition, this will help reduce the bad appearance of the scratch at first, as well as all the residues stuck on the surface. Finally, dry very well with a dry cloth, it is important that it is completely dry to have better finishes when polishing.
  2. The second thing is to shake the metal polishing liquid very well You are going to apply a small amount on a dry microfiber cloth and you are going to start rubbing in a circular way throughout the scratched area. This process should be repeated until the metal polish turns black.
  3. Remove excess polished metal with a clean, dry cloth.

If you have followed all the steps, you have taken your time and you have put in the effort, you will have your car tires as good as new when you finish those 3 easy steps that anyone can carry out on their car!

Polish for metal wheels Autosol Metal Polish, 750 ml

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Safety tips before removing scratches on aluminum rims

infographic tips repair scratches on car metal rims

First of all, issues such as safety measures must be taken into account before starting to remove the scratches on the aluminum rims that we are going to deal with.

  • Wearing gloves is a good idea if you have sensitive skin. Metal polish is a bit of a strong chemical to have direct contact with skin.
  • It is not necessary to use exaggerated amounts of metal polishing fluid to achieve great results. A little bit is more than enough to remove those few scratches from your car rims.
  • Wear masks if you will be spray painting in a place other than outdoors.
Repair scratches aluminum rims

Method 2 restore aluminum rims

Another method that works very well, this time specifically for deep scratches on aluminum rims is the following.

7 steps to restore deep scratches on your rims

  1. With a number 180 sandpaper, we are going to clean and  remove all that aluminum that rose. Try not to overdo this process since the grain of this sandpaper is very coarse.
  2. After sanding, we proceed to clean the rim with warm soapy water to finish removing the excess.
  3. We will apply a little putty for aluminum on the sanded area in order to fill in the cracks of the scratches. Try not to leave stickies and this will help you with step 4.
  4. Using a 200-grit sandpaper, we are going to sand until we achieve the smooth appearance we want.
  5. Again, clean with soap and water. Dry well with a microfiber cloth.
  6. Use a brush or spray paint specific to the color of your aluminum rims. You can buy this product at the store of your car brand. Once in our hands, we will proceed to the process of painting the scratched area. The success of this step and of the entire method will depend on whether it is the same color, because if not, it will be noticeable and it will look horrible.
  7. Now we will apply a specific polish for aluminum.
Remember that for very deep scratches you need aluminum putty which is used to cover the scratch grooves. Only if the scratches are slight, we can save that product.

Polish for metal wheels Autosol Metal Polish, 750 ml

Autosol 01 001100 GV0402
  • Código del producto: lr-552.90.60


Hopefully these tips on methods to repair scratches on your tires have been interesting and useful to you.

Doesn’t it seem so difficult? If you have any questions or suggestions let me know in the  comments right at the bottom of the page.

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