In this article you will learn to repair deep scratches on a car and we will also help you choose the best scratch repair from car.

And, the deep scratches on a car body can be easily fixed at home without having to go to a bodyworker.

And save you good money!


How to Repair Deep Car Scratches

The best way to repair a deep scratch on a car is to use a specific touch-up kit for our model and color, First, clean with a cloth and soap, removing dirt, Second, Dry and apply the brush through the scratch and a 2nd coat 20 minutes later, let it dry for 24 hours, finish cleaning and sanding top and bottom matching the paint.

Types of marks: deep scratch on the sheet metal

Many times we don’t know how to tell if a scratch is deep or light, sometimes it seems for what it really is, and you only have the other car’s paint embedded strong> on our bodywork, and with a little water, soap and a cloth you will remove the scratch.

To find out if you have a deep scratch on your car, you just have to run your nail over the scratch, and if the nail gets “trapped” , then IF YOU HAVE A DEEP SCRATCH ON YOUR CAR.

Home Method to Repair Deep Scratches on Your Car

Sandpaper with P1000 grit paper, without going over the damaged area, always moistened with water, once removed, blend with P3000 grit sandpaper then take a microfiber cloth and with a few drops of polish, polish it until you get the perfect finish.

In this video, you can see in more detail the great result of this homemade method:

video how to remove deep scratches from a car

What is the best car scratch repair

Who doesn’t Have you been careless parking or doing a maneuver Or but, an act of vandalism at night. No matter what, now what we need is to repair deep scratches on the car.

The best car scratch repair is the repair kit with brush of the painting of the EXACT model and color of your car.

Although you will find different types of scratch repairs for the car such as polishing cloths, markers and brushes, etc.To repair deep car scratches, the best and easier is repair kit with brush.

Advice: Never use a GENERIC paint color brush or marker because it will be fatal due to the contrast of different colors.

The Best Car Scratch Repair

The best car scratch repair is the kit from the “Color n drive” brand. Because it has all makes, models and colors of cars. With the advantage of peace of mind that it will undoubtedly be the same color as the paint on the sheet metal of your vehicle.

You save a lot of money by not having to go to a body shop, where I assure you, it will cost you a lot more than this magnificent scratch repair pack for car.

Color n drive – Car repair kit


How to use car scratch remover

Before buying the repair kit, the first thing is to choose correctly the color of your car. Your car’s paint code label can be found on the edge of the passenger door. It can also be in the lower part of the door frame.

Once we have the color code, we will place the order by entering the “brand” of your car, as shown in the following image:

Then, we will select the color as it appears on the label, see image:

Apply scratch repair in just 3 steps:

It doesn’t matter if you choose a black, white, red or blue car repair. The important thing is as long as it is the same color code as your car.

  1. Clean the area of ​​the scratch with the detergent liquid that comes with the kit (soap is also suitable) to remove residue and dirt. And then dry it with the cloth.
  2. Pass the brush filling the crack of the scratch until filling. Leave 20 minutes and give it a second coat of paint. Then allow 24 hoursto dry.
  3. Clean again as in step 1. Sand from top to bottom the scratch painted to match the paints. And clean it again to remove the rest of the sanding. 

Tip: If you want a spectacular finish, protect and shine for longer, apply car wax and restore all the shine to your car. We recommend this.

And after these 3 simple steps, we can only admire the magnificent final result!

Turtle Wax – Carnauba Paste Wax for Car


Remove car scratches with electric polisher

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