How to Remove Scratches from the Car Windshield

Foam scratches are due to many causes. They may occur due to blows, an accident, an act of revenge or vandalism. Maybe simply your wipers had worn roof causing scratches on the glass over time.


We should not take this lightly, or simply let it happen, because this problem may grow from scratch, which will be more dangerous and also more expensive.

Sides the fact that your vehicle’s sthetics remains, it can also affect you when you drive at night. A very scratched wind can take away your vision, with the reflex of the lights of the other vehicles.

You shouldn’t abandon to luck that great everyday tool that takes you and brings you from work. Make sure your car always looks 100%. At least, in the most basic and necessary thing that a car must always have in optimal conditions.

Unce that said, and if you are looking for this type of information it is because you want to look for an economical and effective way to repair scratches on the glass of the car that leave the windshields.

And what better and more economical way is to do it yourself? None.

Before learning how to remove scratches from the windshield

Before explaining how, you should perform a preview to the windshield of your car. This way to see if you can do it alone, or will need help from a professional.

The results of this experience will depend a lot on that preview that you are going to perform on the windshield. We must be honest with ourselves when detailing it. In such a case, telling you “I can do it” without a prior evaluation is a mistake. And it can cost you more expensive than looking for and hiring a good professional in the field.

So, the first thing you should do before getting down to work with this task, is to see the rayon or scratches that the windshield has. If they are slight or deep scratches.

  • The very deep scratches by obligation, you will have to resort to an expert in the field. Well, if you do it yourself, you will not get the result you really want, and that you are promised so much in many tutorials.

So first be frank with yourself. If the scratches are very marked maybe with the steps we give you below,  don’t turn out the way you really want.

After this previous evaluation and verify that if you can do it when there are slight scratches on your windshield, now if you can read carefully. Follow each step to the letter, to learn how to how to remove scratches from the windshield of your car.

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Wind scratch removal steps

If this is the first time you have encountered a scratch on the windshield, the product of a blow or a windshield wiper already worn or an act of vandalism, you may think it is simple and you can remove it with a spersive window, this would be a serious mistake you will not be able to remove anything, and that solution may be worse, since that type of paste works ONLY on the carrocería of the car and NO in glass.

The first and most sensible thing to do is to buy a repair product or specific for polishing crystals, which can effectively kill those scratches since they are composed of cry oxide, a chemical capable of pulating surfaces such as glass, as is the case at hand. Once you have purchased this essential product, and that will help you a lot, you must proceed as we are going to indicate below:

  1. With a sponge of foam and soap preferably liquid, you have to start cleaning it to remove any trace of dust or grease that is attached to the windshield and then with a clean cloth dry well.
  2. Finished this step, then apply the liquid repairing or polishing glass, and with a suitable cloth, it can be microfibers, it is the most recommended, it begins to polish exerting pressure on the parts that are scratched. Procedure that should last about 3 minutes approximately. The product should be spread with a soft cloth, although you can also use a cotton cloth for this.
  3. Once done, with another clean cloth you will have to remove the residues that remained of the product, if you have not yet managed to remove the scratches you can with a fine streat of 1600 and a little more pasta anti-scratch again, as you did previously. Finally, you only have evaluate the final result. In case you are not the most optimal, contact a professional to guide you and in the best case, to provide you with a solution according to your pocket.
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